Municipal Landfill - Hours and Locations

Phone: (705) 264-1331
Visit: Service Timmins Portal - Online Service Request

The City of Timmins operates several landfill sites throughout the community.  Daily and seasonal landfill hours are listed below:

Rural Landfill Sites to Continue with Winter Hours of Operation

The City of Timmins would like to advise residents that the Rural Landfill Sites will continue with winter hours of operation. The following hours of operation will remain in effect until further notice:

Summer Hours

Deloro Landfill Site 

Monday to Friday – 8:00AM to 5:45PM

Saturday and Sunday - 8:00AM to 3:45PM

Tisdale Transfer Site

Tuesday and Saturday - 9:00AM to 5:00PM

German Township Landfill Site

Thursday and Sunday - 11:00 am to 3:45 pm

 Evelyn Township Landfill Site


 Robb Township Landfills Site

The Robb Waste Disposal Facility is open until October 15 only, and access is obtained with a City of Timmins issued key, Keys are available at Environmental Services & Public Utilities (171 Iroquois Rd, Timmins).  Please contact Service Timmins @ 705-264-1331 to book an appointment.

Please be advised that cash will not be accepted as a method of payment at the Deloro Landfill site.